Music videos

Curtis Eller's American Circus - A Poison Melody

A psychedelic, puppet-tinged tale of love lost and found, courtesy of Curtis Eller's American Circus.

Video & edit by Jim Haverkamp
Puppets by
Alan Best
Dance by
Stacy Wolfson
Music & Lyrics by Curtis Eller

Curtis Eller: lead vocal & resophonic tenor guitar
Dana Marks: harmony vocal
Hugh Crumley: electric bass
Jack Fleishman: drums & percussion
Steve Cowles: tenor saxophone
Danny Grewen: trombone
Danny Abrams: clarinet
William Dawson: vibraphone

Recorded by Dave Tilley
Mixed by
Joseph Dejarnette
Mastered by Mike Monseur

Kamara Thomas - Good Luck America

"Released on Election Day, 'Good Luck America' is an unexpectedly moving song that looks for transcendence in the discarded refuse of the American Dream. Over six minutes and change, the song and it’s evocative video build from conflict to uplift to a final question mark. It’s the rare track that’s almost more an experience than a song, and it’s one you’ll definitely want to engage."
-Nathan Leigh,


Directed by
Kamara Thomas
Videography & Editing by
Jim Haverkamp

Music written and produced by
Kamara Thomas
Chris Boerner
Electric Guitar: Nathan Golub & Kamara Thomas
Tim Shearer
Pedal Steel:
Gordon Hartin
Steve Anderson
Sarah Dawson, Katie DeConto, Skylar Gudasz, Rissi Palmer, Molly Sarlé, Tamisha Waden

Hayti Heritage Film Festival, Durham, NC

The Bipeds - Dressful of Dreams

Music, dance, and psychedelic 78 rpm loops mesh with the overripe southern landscape in this hallucinatory video for Durham’s dance and banjo conglomerate, The Bipeds.

Written & Choreographed by
Stacy Wolfson and Curtis Eller

Directed & Edited by
Jim Haverkamp

Videography by
Jim Haverkamp & Alex Maness

Curtis Eller : banjo & lead vocal
Stacy Wolfson: harmony vocal
Jack Fleishman : drums & bass VI
Joseph Dejarnette : bass & psychedelic 78 loops
Recorded & Produced by J
oseph Dejarnette at Studio 808A

Longleaf Film Festival, Raleigh, NC
EnCore Dance on Film Festival, Decatur, GA & Fort Worth, TX

Kamara Thomas – Oh Gallows

A theatre-film presentation of the song "Oh Gallows" from the upcoming Tularosa album by Kamara Thomas.

Kamara Thomas
Videographer/Editor: Jim Haverkamp
Nicola Bullock
Producer-Artist Mirror:
Denise Padilla de Font
Ann Thaden, Denise Padilla de Font
Kamara Thomas & Gordon Hartin
Matt Mitchell
Sarah Dawson, Austin Dixon, Jessica Pagan, Meg Stein, Dale Wolf
Leilani Himmelstein, Matt Shallenberger
Cherokee Moon Hartin

Anders Parker – Unspoken

A glimpse of life on the road with Anders Parker and friends, from the album "There's a Blue Bird in My Heart." Filmed at the historic Highlander Motel, Arlington, Virginia.

Music by Anders Parker
Video + edit by Jim Haverkamp

The Never – Raincloud

A disquieting musical fairy tale, nestled firmly in the surreal art world of printmaker Bill Fick. Originally created to accompany a live performance by Durham, NC band The Never.

Music by The Never
Video + edit by Jim Haverkamp
Dan Partridge, Lionel Mouse, Katja Hill, Sean Murphy

Grand Prize, HearNC Music Video Festival, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Quintron + D-Town Brass

In the shadow of Moog Fest, at the break of dawn, Quintron brought the Weather Warlock. D-Town Brass provided two-fisted backup.

Taped and edited by Jim Haverkamp and Joyce Ventimiglia

Ed Gray – Power of Christ

From Ed Gray's "Campfire Songs of Dr. Moreau" cassette release. Shot in a rose garden in a new town.

Video + edit by Jim Haverkamp